Welcome to the NAfME Philosophy SRIG!

Our organization is open to all members of NAfME (The National Association for Music Education) who are interested in issues, questions, ideals and research related to philosophical inquiry in music and education.  In addition to this website, we communicate with our members through email and our electronic newsletter.

The Special Research Interest Group in Philosophy embraces the following mission:
1) to promote the production and dissemination of philosophical research relevant to music education,

2) to serve as a clearinghouse for information on scholarly work in the philosophy of music education,

3) to apply the tools of philosophical inquiry to improve music education, and

4) to encourage younger music education scholars to engage in philosophical inquiry.

The membership meets every other year at the NAfME national conference to discuss SRIG operations as well as to share presentations and discussions with scholars in the field.

To become a member of the Philosophy SRIG, please visit the NAfME SRIG enrollment page or send an email to the current chair Joseph Abramo at psrigchair@gmail.com.